five feral cats sitting on a porch
plumped up with iodine
you would think they were stalking me
i think they are!

there is a related family of feral cats that seem to have the run of my porch, garden and surrounding farm that eat meat scraps i throw out, interestingly there is not enough iodine in the scraps as they are used to eating whole animals including the thyroid and pancreas which are high in iodine so i am now putting some liquid iodine in thier drinking water and it has a noticable effect!

this poem is from when i was still working out how to use iodine and put about four drops of david craig galenicals aqueous iodine(lugols) in some milk i was chucking out, an hour later they were really getting active, the full grown kittens prancing about, one runing up the wooden clothes line , the original mother walking along a 1 1/2" black alkathene plastic pipe lying along the ground like a kid walking along a wall.